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Although Pilates is better known for its matwork, it also offers a wide range of exercises on studio equipment specially designed by Joseph Pilates. These are the reformer, cadillac (also known as the trapeze table), wunda chair and barrels.

The Pilates equipment uses springs to provide resistance, making the exercises effective more quickly. They help you maintain the correct body alignment, creating less risk of injury. They also challenge and support your body as it learns to move more efficiently.

In a studio session for one, two or three people, you undertake exercises that are tailored to your specific needs – and you don’t have to get down and back up from the floor!

Private sessions are held by appointment and cost £42 per hour for up to three people. If for any reason you are unable to attend your private session, please let me know the day before to avoid a cancellation charge.

For further information or to book contact me.