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You should wear fitted clothing that is comfortable for you to move in and socks, but no shoes. Gentlemen should wear fitted underwear and shorts or long sweatpants.

Please bring your own mat. You’ll also need your own head cushion, soft ball and band. more about what you’ll need

To get the most out of Pilates, it’s important to perform the exercises with good technique. An induction gives you the chance to learn the basic principles and some of the exercises. Then, when you join an ongoing class, where the other participants may have been coming for some time, you can do so with confidence that you’ll be able to keep up.

If you are starting for medical reasons, a private session gives us the time to discuss your health and if necessary, adapt the exercises to ensure that they are suitable for you.

At your induction, I will:

  • review your enrolment form
  • assess your current fitness, posture and movement
  • discuss any medical conditions or recent injuries
  • introduce you to the basic principles and exercises
  • identify whether we’ll need to adapt any exercises for you, for example, if you have osteoporosis, you should not do curl-ups

There are no longer any government coronavirus restrictions for exercise, but we are continuing with some precautions. These include bringing your own mat and other equipment to mat class and staying away if you have COVID-19 or are otherwise unwell. more about coronavirus precautions

I understand that it is frustrating to pay upfront for classes when you know that you’ll be unable to attend. However, please pay for the whole course. By setting the same rate for everybody whether or not they miss a class or two is the only way that I can be fair all round and keep my prices down. I do not offer a drop-in rate.