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improve posture
strengthen core
relieve back pain


Pilates mat and studio classes in Mundford, near Thetford, Norfolk.


A Pilates body has good posture, is long and lean, strong but supple. It can be achieved through Pilates, an exercise method for the mind and body.

mat classes

Mat classes provide a general workout covering movements to stretch and strengthen every part of your body.


In the studio, you benefit from more personalised tuition and the use of the Pilates reformer and other large equipment.

about me

I have been practising Pilates since 1999 and qualified to teach in 2003. I have continued my professional development since then, completing specialised training such as in back care.

about Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) was born in Germany and lived in England before emigrating to the USA in 1926. He set up a studio in New York where he taught his exercise method until his death.


“…you have given me back a pain free life.”

Jennifer D


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An Animated history of Pilates

getting started

If you’d like to start Pilates, please get in touch.

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