Pilates for weight loss

Most of us don’t do Pilates for weight loss, but it can be helpful as part of an overall programme that includes cardiovascular exercise.

Pilates increases muscle tone and because muscles are metabolically active you will burn more calories. Pilates will also strengthen your body, which prepares it for more dynamic calorie burning workouts.

Reduced stress levels are associated with weight loss.The concentration that you need to do Pilates shuts out all the other stuff going on in your head and the focus on breathing correctly helps reduce stress too.

Pilates improves your posture and increases your awareness of how you hold yourself in day to day life. Good posture can make your look and feel more confident, boosting your self-esteem, whatever your weight.



Quote: Above all…

We’ve all been breathing alternately in and out since we were born! So why is it so difficult to co-ordinate our breath with our movement? It is just a question of practice – persevere and it will come. Joseph Pilates said that breath was the most important aspect of his exercise system:

“Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.”

Quote: Patience and persistence…

If you have ever felt that you have struggled to grasp a concept or co-ordinate your breath with your movement, you are not alone. Joseph Pilates called his method “contrology” and recognised that it needs concentration and perseverance:

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

Village Hall 100 Club

Mundford Village Hall’s 100 Club has been running for eight years and raises much needed funds for improvements. New members are sought to help raise funds for upcoming projects including new flooring in the small hall and replacement of all the chairs.

Membership costs just £24 per year. Three prizes are drawn monthly and allocated as a percentage of the current membership (maximum prize £40). Application forms are available in the foyer or can be downloaded from the hall’s website.

Why everyone over 40 should do Pilates

The author of a blog called “sportyoverforty” recently met Lynne Robinson, one of the founders of Body Control Pilates, which is the organisation that I trained with. After her Pilates session she wrote a post about what everyone over forty should do Pilates. Read it here.


NHS Guide to Pilates

The NHS has recently updated its guide to Pilates, which gives good overview about what it is, who it’s for, the benefits, how it can help those with back pain, the difference between matwork and equipment and more. Read the full guide.