Strong, Steady and Straight

The Royal Osteoporosis revised their exercises guidelines in spring 2019 for those with low bone density along the principles of:

Strong           weight bearing/impact and muscle resistance exercises to promote bone strength

Steady          balance and muscle strength exercises to prevent falls

Straight        back muscle strength exercises to improve posture and relieve pain

Whilst the strong, steady and straight exercises are helpful for all those with osteoporosis, the priority for exercises within each category differs by individual.

If you have told me that you have posteriors, I will ask you for some additional enrolment information, including your T-score (if you have had a DXA scan).

Pilates offers exercises within each of the above categories and we will work to ensure that you do those exercises that are safe and appropriate for you. There are some exercises that you should avoid, so if you come to mat classes, this means that sometimes you will be doing something different to the rest of the group.

For osteoporosis information and support contact the Royal Osteoporosis Society helpline 0808 800 0035 or visit their website