Special Offers

The following lovely companies are offering discounts to Body Control Pilates Teachers and Students:

Wellicious Clothing ( Men’s and Women’s!) – 20% Off

“Wellicious is a London based Lifestyle brand specialising in eco-friendly yoga, Pilates and loungewear pieces. We produce everything in Europe and only use fair labour, so you can feel great in Wellicious from your morning Pilates to your afternoon Lattes. ” For 20% off online orders www.wellicious.com please email lelliott@wellicious.com

Bloomsbury Sports – 30% off

Bloomsbury Sports are offering a 30% Discount on Bloomsbury Sport titles. Enter code BCP15 at www.bloomsbury.com/sport

Asquith London – 25% Discount

Asquith London offers a perfect capsule jersey collection; an eco-friendly, yet stylish and elegant, collection. Soft jerseys designed for active women whose lifestyles demand their clothes to work hard for them…and insist on style and comfort – Perfect for Pilates. You can gain 25% Discount by entering code BCP25 at  www.asquithlondon.com

Here’s a recent article with Lynne Robinson wearing Asquith clothing click here.