Setting Standards in Pilates

Body Control Pilates have been training teachers since 1996 with the mission to bring
the benefits of Pilates to all through its international network of more than 1,500 teachers.

The Pilates Method offers both mind and body conditioning. By helping to rebalance your body, you will achieve the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Pilates will help you to find, understand and maintain better posture, you will learn how to breathe more efficiently and improve your core stability. By targeting the deep postural muscles of your body, you are literally building strength from the inside out, creating a natural girdle of strength around your torso. Every movement is performed mindfully, with precision and control making it a very safe and effective way to exercise. This mindful approach can also help your mental wellbeing and can help you better cope with unwanted stress and tension.

A new leaflet is with more information about the benefits of Pilates is available below.