Resuming Pilates Classes Indoors

As I write, the coronavirus ban on teaching exercise classes indoors is still in force. In anticipation that this will be lifted soon, I have prepared these notes on the new arrangements that I anticipate will have to be in place. I have based these on information from the professional fitness and Pilates bodies that I belong to and will update this post when I receive more detailed guidance.


  • Bring your own equipment*
  • Wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser before and after class
  • Arrive and leave in the clothes that you will exercise in
  • Wear non-slip or other socks
  • Maintain current social distancing guidelines
  • Follow government guidelines in travelling to and from class

* Please click to find out more about the equipment you will need and how to buy it


  • Attend class if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, are shielding or self-isolating because you are living with someone with symptoms or have returned from abroad
  • Touch your face
  • Share equipment with other people
  • Consume food or drink other than water that you have brought with you

Additional precautions that I will take:

  • Wash or sanitise my hands frequently
  • Check that my temperature is normal before teaching
  • Avoid hands-on correction
  • Sanitise door handles
  • Comply with government guidance for teaching exercise indoors, including cleaning equipment and floors
  • Comply with guidance given by Mundford Village Hall for its use

To be decided:

  • Whether I, or we should all, wear a face covering
  • Whether toilets will be available for use
  • How much space must be allocated to each person, which may affect class sizes
  • How to minimise contact when arriving for and leaving class, which may affect class times