Pilates photos 1961

I.C. Rapoport is a professional American photographer who was born in New York. In 1961, he was asked to photograph Mr. Joseph H. Pilates in his New York “gymnasium” to accompany an article for Sports Illustrated. He spent a day in the studio, talking with Joe, taking photos and doing some Pilates exercises on the equipment, especially designed by Joe to “to teach us how to be natural again.”

Note that all the exercises that we call Pilates today can be directly traced back to Joe’s work, which he called ‘Contrology’. They have been passed down by those who he taught in his New York studio, which he ran from the late 1920s until his death in 1967.

I teach private sessions for one, two or three people in my studio using the large equipment, which has evolved (only slightly) from that which you can see in the photos. The equipment has springs which make the exercises more effective, more quickly and you don’t have to get down and back up off the floor! Contact me if you’d like to try it out.