Mat Classes

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – last update 31-Dec-21

I am teaching mat classes at Mundford Village Hall with the option of attending by Zoom.

Many practices introduced during the coronavirus lockdowns are still recommended. When attending classes in person, please read this information about the COVID-19 arrangements that will be in place for us to stay safe. Note that these include the need for you to bring your own equipment.

Mat Classes

Mat classes provide a general workout covering movements to stretch and strengthen every part of your body. To stay up to date with my current class details, please check back here or sign up for my newsletter.

Classes last one hour. The schedule is:

  • Monday 9.15am – General (mixed-ability)
  • Monday 10.30am – Wellbeing (tailored exercises for a smaller group)
  • Monday 6.00pm – Performance (intermediate/advanced)
  • Monday 7.15pm – General (mixed-ability)

There is scope within all classes to adapt the exercises to suit your own ability. If you can’t make your own class, you can swap to another (check with me first to ensure that there is space).


All those who are signing up to my classes for the first time should contact me to check availability. Then you must complete an enrolment form and introductory session before joining an ongoing class.

If you are fit and well, your introduction can be half-hour on Zoom and one mat class £10. If you are suffering from chronic back or other pain, I recommend a private session in the studio, £42. Both can be supplemented by online videos.

Prices and Booking

You book your mat classes online in monthly courses. The rate is equivalent to £8 each. Sorry, no refunds if you miss class. If you book every course throughout the calendar year, you will get a loyalty discount in December.

Although there are no refunds for missed classes, I may offer credit in extenuating circumstances at my discretion.


For further information or to book, please contact me.