Back Care

backpainOver 80% of adults in the UK have low back pain at some time in their life. Although back pain can be a very distressing symptom, in most people, the pain does not represent a serious medical condition. You can learn more about back pain and its causes from BackCare, the charity for healthier backs.

Recent guidelines recommend that appropriate exercise, taught by properly trained teachers, should play a key role in the management of low back pain. The Back4Good Programme, developed by Body Control Pilates fully meets these guidelines.

Back4Good Referrals

You may be referred to the Back4Good programme by your medical practitioner, such as your GP or physiotherapist. If so, I recommend that you have a series of private sessions with a personalised exercise plan. Alternatively, you may opt to attend small group sessions with a structured exercise programme for 8 weeks (numbers permitting).

Back Care in Mat Classes

If you want to join a mat class, but are suffering with back pain, I recommend that you start with at least one private session. This is an opportunity to review your enrolment form, assess your posture and movement, discuss your back and any other medical conditions and introduce you to the basic principles. It may be necessary to adapt some of the exercises to suit your back at first. I also offer 4-week beginners’ courses from time to time during the year. Read more about mat classes.


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