GPs should prescribe dance instead of drugs

GPs should start prescribing social activities, including dancing, instead of doling out a pill for every ill, health chiefs say after research found it cut GP visits and trips to Accident and Emergency units by more than a quarter. A recent article in the Telegraph says:

“Research shows half of pensioners now take at least five drugs a day – with levels quadrupling in two decades.”

“Around a fifth of patients visit their GP for “social problems” such as loneliness, confidence issues, housing worries and debt, doctors say.”

Social prescribing  “gives people time and works on what really matters to them,” said Bev Taylor, leader of NHS England’s social prescribing programme.

You need not wait for your GP to prescribe a social activity for you. Contact me if you’d like to take up Pilates or join my Fitsteps dance workout class now!

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