Why Mark Foster Thinks FitSteps® Is Great

Mark Foster, Olympic swimmer, has racked up 47 international swimming medals – so he knows a thing or two about fitness! He says:

“FitSteps® isn’t for everybody… but it is for the majority of people! Everyone can do it. There are so many positives to it. A lot of people don’t know where to start, but once you find a class, attend for the first time, and go to the second class, it can become a major part of your routine. Every [Wednesday] night you’ll look forward to going and seeing the girls and the boys in the class.

“A healthy lifestyle is all about conditioning and routine. I’m not saying you can’t miss a class, nor am I saying you can’t eat a bad meal. But it’s just a case of being conscious of your body. I believe in moderation, but I don’t think generally people are very good with that. We are very good at excess. We should moderate everything: moderate drinks, moderate diet, moderate exercise; moderate the lot.

“Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. So, why not do a FitSteps® class, realise how much fun it is, learning something new and get fit in the process?

“In fact, you know what? Just get involved. Have a laugh and a giggle. I think a lot of the time we think everyone’s watching us. They’re so not watching us. Just put it out there, let go and we can learn to accept ourselves an awful lot more.”