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DIY Health Check

A recent newspaper article described some simple tests to show whether you’re in good health.

Standing on one leg for 10 seconds

If you are aged 51-75 and fail to do this, a Brazilian study indicates your likelihood of dying from any cause within the next decade is doubled – although causation has yet to be established.

To progress, try 10 seconds with your eyes closed.

Holding the plank for 60 seconds

This common measure of fitness needs a strong core. This in turn helps with balance, and your ability to perform general tasks such as housework, gardening and DIY.

To progress, hold for 90 seconds or try lifting each arm and leg in turn.

40 press-ups in one minute (men)

If you are a middle-aged man, a Harvard School of Public Health study indicates that this lowers your risk of heart disease by 96%.

For men, 20 press-ups per minute is considered good and 30 excellent.

For women, 6 press-ups per minute is considered excellent.

Sit to stand from a chair 36 times in one minute

This is an indicator of back and leg strength and flexibility. A Medical Research Council study found that those who could do this were twice as likely to be alive 13 years later than those did 23 times.

To progress, stand from a seated position on the floor without using your hands.

Source: Telegraph Health and Fitness article