Books: Caged Lion

Caged Lion is a book by John Howard Steel, who knew Joseph Pilates personally.

It tells the story of how John started doing Pilates, then called Contrology, and how he got to know the man himself. When Joseph Pilates died, John was part of a small group who kept the exercise method alive. At the time, it was performed buy just a few devotees, but now the Pilates method is practised by millions all over the world.

The book is a fascinating read, part autobiography and part-biography. It tells us about John’s involvement in Pilates over six decades and gives us the history of Joseph Pilates, the man, and how he came to develop his exercise method and invent the studio equipment, largely unchanged today.

The book also describes the unique attraction of the Pilates Method, the power that it has to change lives and keep its devotees practising into their eighties and nighties.

I found it a fascinating and entertaining read and highly recommend it. You can buy the book from amazon or elsewhere.