All you ever wanted to know about back pain

A recent article called ‘All you ever wanted to know about back pain’ has a good summary on current thinking about low back pain and what to do – and what not to do – to deal with it,

It says: that most people recover from an episode of back pain reasonably quickly (within six to eight weeks); don’t panic and continue with your usual work and other activities; and exercise such as Pilates is very good for low back pain.

In summary:

  • Don’t panic if you get back pain, even on a few different occasions
  • Don’t rush for treatment
  • Don’t be put off by medical jargon and opinions
  • Don’t worry about what you read and see in MRI reports
  • Don’t be fooled by quick fixes
  • Remain active and avoid bed rest
  • Return to usual activities
  • Exercise helps to reduce pain and prevent future episodes
  • Stay at work or go back to work as quickly as you can
  • Remember it is the person that needs treatment not just a spine

Read the whole article on the RTE website.