2018 Fitness Trends

Pilates features in a Telegraph article about next year’s fitness trends.

“Instead of mindlessly smashing HIIT sessions in the gym, we’re going to slow down the pace with LISS training and Pilates.”

“Pilates has been around since the start of 20th century, but men are finally starting to take it seriously. Perhaps spurred on by reports that Andy Murray, the All Blacks and Tiger Woods all use Pilates, or the fact that around 80 per cent of us will suffer from back pain, there has been a rise in men signing up.”

Personally, I don’t regard Pilates as a trend, but rather an essential part of a healthy life. I had done a lot of dance and yoga, but it wasn’t until I started Pilates in 1999 that I felt real changes in my posture, strength and endurance. Joseph Pilates kept practising and teaching throughout his life and I hope to do the same.

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