Read what those who attend my Pilates lessons have to say below.

“Since I’ve started Pilates, it’s so much easier to bend backwards over kitchen counters to install light fittings.” CC

“Thanks so much for this evening’s class: it’s the most I’ve “twisted” in almost 3 years without setting off a back spasm!!  Can’t tell you how chuffed I am – it feels like a huge milestone for me, particularly as I never dreamed I’d get this far. Thank you for all your support and patience.” Lisa

“As well as reducing my back pain, my Pilates sessions have had the unexpected, but welcome side-effect of making it much easier to get out of the bath!” Peter (76)

“On driving home from my Pilates class, I am sitting so much taller that I have to adjust my rear-view mirror.” Kim

“Walking home from my Pilates class, I notice that I walk much straighter than I do on my way there.” Julia

“When I’m driving I can comfortably turn my head and look over my shoulder without having to twist my whole body around – I couldn’t do that last year before I started Pilates.” Eve

“I managed the decorating without any pain in my back – which I would never have been able to do last year.” June Gray

“I’m recovering really well which I have no doubt is at least in part because of your excellent Pilates classes!” Nik Knott (after surgery)

“The classes mean a lot to me – they bring such joy to my mind and body. I feel very spoiled by them as they are a ‘me’ time thing.” Toni Arthur-Hay

“I suspect the real reason behind my rapid recovery has been the Pilates conditioning you gave me.” John Needham (after double hip replacement surgery)

“I haven’t had any back pain since I started Pilates.” Natasha

“I have found my sessions in the studio have been invaluable to my well being & recovery from back problems, the bespoke exercises have worked where needed & have improved mobility & pain.” June Gray

“Pilates helps me relax after sitting at a desk at work all day. It really helps my shoulders. Rosemary is great and tailors all exercises to individuals.” HG

“Made me aware of core strength, important for back care, as well as abdominal muscles.” Teresa

“Thank you for everything you have done for me, you have given me back a pain free life. I think what you do is great and you make it a pleasure to attend your classes.” Jennifer Dean

“I joined to improve my abdominal muscle tone but Pilates has improved my posture and flexibility as well. Far more than I expected.” Margaret S

“I love Pilates and the benefits have been increased toned abdominal muscles which has improved my back and reduced the lower back pain I have had. My posture has improved and I find I am able to practice the positions at home following the excellent class instruction. An excellent and very friendly class.” Sally Taylor

“I enjoy doing the classes and I feel I’m doing the best for my back. I’m more confident with movement it seems easier.” Maureen

“Never miss a lesson, makes me feel relaxed and fit.” Philip Martin

“I’m sure the classes have made my back stronger. Now feel I can do more gardening. Enjoy the class very relaxing and calm. Complete confidence in my teacher. I have been visiting my chiropractor every four months for years. On my first visit after starting Pilates I was pleased when she told me that my back is the ‘best it’s ever been’.” Anita Martin